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Airpod Sleeping Pod “Luxury capsule with friendly price”

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            Travelers had already familiar with airport and waiting for boarding time. Sometimes we faced a situation that we must wait for very very long time because of transit or delay, that situation will make us boring, especially business traveler. Every people have their way to solve that, example shopping, go to the coffee shop in the airport, or some people just sit then connect to airport wi-fi until boarding time is coming. Some airport provides facilities to reduce bore level like a tour around the city, game center, movie theatre, artificial art, etc.
            We must know about passenger needs while waiting for boarding time, the passenger need can be concluded into 5 points: Relaxation, Work, Entertainment, Storage and Privacy.
Relaxation: passenger needs to refresh their body because tired from the previous trip. they will look a place for sleep.
Work: some passenger needs to do their tasks or prepare a presentation for the business traveler.
Entertainment: people will boring while waiting, so they need something that could turn their boredness like watch movie, surfing on the network, listening to the music.
Storage: every passenger bring their own belonging and every passenger wants their belonging stay to save.
Privacy: Sometimes people need a quiet place to relax or do their tasks, so they will need a private area
AirPod is a company that offers new innovative sleeping pods in the airport which provide you 5 points above. AirPod had installed with many features that integrated with smart technologies. Here is AirPod features key:
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1. The seat that can convert into a bed (full flat-bed seat)
2. Access to Amazon Fire TV
3. Free high-speed Wi-Fi (separated from airport free wi-fi)
4. Luggage and personal belongings storage
5. Air Condition & HEPA filter (fresh air and constant temperature)
6. Alarm clock and flight status information
7. power socket
8. work desk
9. personal reading LED
10. soundproof for better privacy
According to that feature, AirPod capsule is designed like a first class suite in the airplane. But AirPod offering their first services at affordable price, cheaper than you book a hotel or waiting in the luxury lounge. People can order AirPod at least 30 minutes with price $18 for 1 hour. The price had offered equivalent to their first facilities. AirPod has competitive price with other capsule pods that exist now.

            The passengers can book AirPod with rent directly in the airport or online booking from their smartphone with an application called DAPP the before you arrived at the airport, so when you arrived at the airport and have finished check-in process you can immediately enjoy AirPod capsule. For payment, the user can choose between a credit card and APOD Token.

            APOD Token is a digital asset or we known as a cryptocurrency that is built on the Etherium Blockchain and uses decentralized ledger technology to track and verify transactions. APOD token holders can use them on any AirPod in the world. Token holders also can join AirPod sponsorship program and earn profit from it. I will explain more about APOD token and how to make a profit with APOD Token in another article.
            Nowadays AirPod still on product development and AirPod crowdsale still live and will be closed soon. In this year AirPod will place first 10 AirPod capsules in UK airport (Heathrow maybe) for trial and commercial test. AirPod has planned 400 capsules installed in 2019 and integrate that capsules into DAPP application platform.

            You can add your knowledge about AirPod Sleeping Pod with visiting their website ( and you can join AirPod bounty program in bountyhive ( Feel free to visit AirPod website and you can contribute for AirPod if you like this project.

Let's get closer to unbanked people through KORA Network

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In this modern era, technology has been growing so fast including our economic system. Every person now can send their money less than an hour, doing the transaction through the finger. Nowadays people can watch their asset in front of a big monitor, make a decision about that. Technology will make their influence big and bigger in our economic system, make transaction faster and find new innovation.
Unfortunately in another side in our earth, there are many people untouched by technology and modern payment system. Some of them still having trouble when they try to connect with the world.  That people are hardly in doing the modern transaction, require some days and much money to complete that. The problem above happens because their area didn’t receive fast internet connection or lack of internet connection, besides that distance their home to the bank so far away and they need extra energy to do that.
KORA Network asks a solution for that problem through their Token Called “Kora Network Token”. Kora Network Token or we can call KNT is a blockchain based cryptocurrency. The Kora Network is built on Ethermint, which implements the Ethereum Virtual Machine with Tendermint consensus. KORA Network also fulfilling each of the vital network requirements like Stability, Decentralized, Programmability, Resilience.
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KORA Network has the vision to make inclusive payment system. KORA provides an infrastructure that addresses all of an emerging market needs. KORA Network support every people without looking at their social status, with KORA low cost you can make transaction easily. KORA do communities Engagement too and empower the community. One thing that makes KORA so picturesque, you can do your transaction with KORA without an internet connection, just use USSD or SMS for transaction activities. When other Token only do their transaction above internet connection, KORA can do it without an internet connection, that's why KORA can solve unbanked people.
Read this illustration below about how KORA user can perform Transfer and Payment
A User in London wants to send money back to their mom in a village in Malaysia, they have to go to a Western Union in London, which takes 8%+ fees. Then their mom has to go or send someone to travel 2-3 hours to the nearest place to pick up that cash.
At Kora, the User will simply text/USSD Kora to send that same cash from their mobile account. That cash can be deposited via bank transfer, crypto transfer, or converted at any local Kora agent, where the broker converts Fiat currency from and to electronic cash. Their mom walks down to the local Kora agent at the convenience store and picks up the cash. The User pays the network fee and pays the broker a small percentage to compensate them.
KORA Network put farmers as a key to development.Kora does their Kickstarter most in Country at Africa because of some place in Africa still unbanked until now and KORA Network wants their product can solve Africans problems. KORA had their beta through 300 Farmers in Abuja for 3 months starting from March 2018. KORA Networks also had a partnership with farming aggregator in Nigeria. At the begging KORA will solve three major problems for farmers:
a. Payments from the aggregator to the farmers.
b. Money transfers between farmers and suppliers.
c. Finally, farmers will be able to pool their capital into a CVN, the first of its kind.
If you want to know more about KORA Network you can visit their website and you can join KORA Network bounty in Bountyhive  KORA Network will launch their public sale on 23 April 2018, don’t miss that guy.